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In The Beginning

We believe the younger students are when they are introduced to math and science learning the greater the future advantage.  An abundance of challenges are facing todays corporations, including the ever growing pressures of global competition. A young pool of trained problem solvers would surely represent a major tactical advantage to any industry.

About Us....

Academic Innovations is a non-profit  corporation with a focus on education and economics. We have several community service initiatives as well as an E/I broadcast program. Our philosophy is simple, when we start early to instill in students advantageous social and economic ideals, we can facilitate a positive generational effect on future populations.

Our objective is to equip students with the necessary skills and talents to thrive in their lives and in the workforce of the future. Our programs are made possible through generous underwriting, sponsorships, individual and foundation contributions.

Your support will allow us to gain wider reach and have a broader more profound motivating effect on young adult populations. Philanthropy is most often viewed as a benevolent measure with virtuous but largely unquantifiable benefits. Corporate underwriting of Academic Innovation is an investment in the future of business, industry and corporate competitiveness. Your participation in the direction and development of the next generation workforce will yield both a short and long term return.

One of the biggest keys to success is acquiring problem solving ability. With every problem solved understanding and insight are gained and in the process of uncovering solutions, familiarity with specific concepts and processes are acquired. The more problems solved, the more confident students become. The challenge of unraveling complexities and arriving at solutions can become second nature. It is these creative problem solvers that will be coveted in the future job market.

In The Beginning....

Academic Innovations started as a group of concerned educators pooling their resources to effect social change and provide a better future for students. At that time the primary concern was increasing the graduation rates. It became clear very quickly that career direction and development leading to employable skills and actual placement were equally necessary. In fact, there were indications that the drop out rates in some measure were actually tied to the feeling that school subject matter lacked relevance to the students future. This was particularly pronounced in rural and minority students.

Turns out to some extent they were right. In the process of addressing relevance a larger pattern began to emerge, that education and the labor market were increasing out of sync. Technology has so changed the marketplace that most institutions have no real corresponding curriculum. Further, the new positions that are being created require a new type of employee with critical thinking, problem solving and other skills which are not necessarily stressed in traditional learning. Companies are only as successful as the talent they employ.

Academic Innovations has principally evolved as a facilitator in bridging the industry and educational divide.





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