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You don’t have to be a hi-tech company to seek out STEM employees. The core values of STEM related courses can be applied to a wide variety of jobs, particularly when creative skills, problem solving and critical thinking, will likely play a role in the position.  To attract the best candidates, HR professionals may wish to highlight those inner-connected qualities that candidates may not immediately associate with non-STEM positions.

Investing In Early Stage Job Candidates...

We believe for the best possible outcome, industries must begin to invest in early stage job candidate development. Corporations must begin to participate in an instructive process that will help to prepare individuals with relevant skills that have immediate usable industry application. In a globally competitive marketplace the corporate advantage of being staffed with creative problem solvers at every level will prove invaluable.

Exposure is essential to learning. Academic Innovations is designed to connect with viewers at a time when both their curiosity and need for information is at its highest point. Of course, career choices take individual introspection but it also requires external input from companies and prospective employers as to what is most valuable in the today’s marketplace.

It’s important that both the business and educational community begin to view job market preparation as a shared responsibility. Increased collaboration can only serve to improve the effectiveness and relevance of existing programs of study.  Your underwriting contributions will help to solidify sustainable B2E partnerships which jointly identify challenges and strategically combine resources to implement solutions.

Digital platforms and interactive technologies can allow students and others to explore potential workplace relationships and gain advanced insight into a variety of career practices.

The Academic Innovations series is completely unscripted and delivers candid career path advice and information from actual business and industry insiders. Our multi-skilled production team works creatively, and collectively to produce results that deliver an engaging and informative experience.

Expanding Career Path Exposure...

If we are to expand our messaging reach it is imperative that we begin leveraging the Digital Media Habits of this generation by creating positive online interactions that resonate with their experiences. While television may have been the greatest information medium the of the 20th century, digital media has come to rein in the millennium. Ease of access, portability and decreased production cost all contribute to its popularity among media industry professionals and the truth is, if you are going to reach this current generation it will be done online.

Many companies have yet to develop recruitment strategies to capture the imagination and attention of students that are seeking career direction. Based in Atlanta which is presently one of the largest film production hub in the country, Academic Innovations is privileged to have access to some of the entertainment industry's best production professionals.

A major goal of Academic Innovations is the continued production of a polished, professional broadcast series that explores the vast occupational opportunities available to the nextgen workforce. With the help of our underwriters this will be available on demand, viewable on a variety of devices 24 hours a day at no cost to students.

In the imminent future, it’s conceivable that just about every job will have some technology based component and  require a corresponding skill set. Technology has altered the work process, and in many ways its product.

New concepts of work and learning are redefining the corporate architecture. In order to grow and maintain market share more traditional corporate cultures must begin to embrace this evolution and  learn to adapt it to their advantage.

Looking Towards The Future...

The manner in which industries operate continues to evolve as new technologies begin to overtake the workplace. It’s estimated that within the next several years a major portion of available positions are likely to require skills that are currently uncommon in the workplace today. For some students this means their educational focus may already be out-dated by the time they graduate. As companies employ more automation, not only do we begin to see fewer dexterity based jobs, we also see a reduction in management jobs as there are fewer people to manage.

Clearly the workplace of the future will look very different than that of today. We must have the vision and realization that we are educating for jobs that may not yet exist. Whether retraining current workers or preparing those about to enter the workforce, critical thinking and problem solving are the new imperative.

Although Academic Innovations’ primary focus is on the student population, current displaced workers that have lost factory, middle management and other middle-class jobs will benefit as well. Whether new to the job market or seeking a career change, Academic Innovations offers a significantly expanded view of marketplace opportunities and the skills necessary to fit in.





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